Tuesday, July 29, 2014


These were so good, I'm a little surprised that I made them.
pastry cherry kringle Danish delicious breakfast 3 days recipe
Kringle with cherry and cream cheese filling

Danish pastry Kringle chocolate cream cheese filling delicious breakfast recipe
Kringle with chocolate filling
They are a Danish pastry called a Kringle that takes three days to make, because layers of butter are rolled between the dough and refrigerated between additions. I used this recipe with a few changes. It is labeled "advanced," but really it is not that difficult beyond having the patience to wait three days! for the Kringle. 

Instead of the butterscotch filling, I made a half batch of the cream cheese filling from this (also very good) king cake recipe.  This was the filling for both Kringles, adding cherry pie filling to one and mini semisweet chocolate chips to the other. The icing is made of melted butter, milk, and powdered sugar. I used half of it to drizzle on the cherry Kringle, and then I melted more of the chocolate chips in the remaining icing. L helped me drizzle that over the chocolate Kringle. 

These were so good! I have had Kringles before, but never homemade. They were so flaky and buttery. Definitely the kind of thing you want to eat sparingly. I went out to mow the lawn right after breakfast and I think I could feel the butter slogging through my veins. The recipe says you should have 24 layers of butter, but I counted 12. That was before the final filling and folding which I believe yielded 36 layers of butter in each slice. 

There was quite a bit of leftover cherry pie filling and cream cheese filling. I put the pie filling in a glass baking dish and topped it with some of the cream cheese filling. Then I put it in the fridge for a few days, because really we didn't need any dessert for a few days after the Kringle. I made a crumb topping of oatmeal, almond slivers, butter, and a little brown sugar and baked it all-yum!
baking cherry crisp cream cheese fruit dessert
Here's the cherry cream cheese crisp before topping and baking. I forgot to take a photo after baking-will have to write up a recipe, make again and photograph

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